Genuine Mutant Apes Club is a 1000 limited unrepeatable NFT art collection of unique programmatically¬† generated NFT’S hosted in the Ethereum blockchain,


The entire minted collectibles will be hosted in the form of IPFS files by the most reliable hosting provider in the industry, Your minted NFT will have personal special and unique CID code which is unrepeatable and as the result, you will never lose your NFT on the blockchain network, You will have irrevocable legal and commercial rights to the NFT, and you can use it with your own discretion.



Private minting TBA

Minting Price

0.09 ETH

Public Minting TBA

Minting Price

0.16 ETH


10 per wallet

Special Utilities

Owning Mutant Apes Club NFT will grant the owner full access to rapidly growing list of utilities such as free 3D Ape minting, giveaways of future NFT’s collections and in any metaverse projects to be developed by the affiliates global studios , full voting rights in regard to distribution of proceed received from commission trading, printed Ape image will be sent upon request, more utilities to be unveiled upon completion of public sale